March 9th, 2011

Meet up tomorrow at Vitus Restaurant - Come on Stitchers!

Hi All,

It’s that time again! Here a quick reminder about our monthly Stitch n Bitch meet up: our group is the Sewing k(n)it

Where: Vitus Restaurant

When: 19:00 

Bring: Laughs, materials, ideas, projects, yourself!!

Hope to see you there friends …

Yours Truly,


February 9th, 2011


About ReadyMade

ReadyMade is named after the term that Marcel Duchamp coined in 1915 for a series of sculptures that playfully rethought the relationship between people and mass-produced objects, everyday items and art. ReadyMade is about people who make things and the culture of making. It’s a magazine for the innovator inside each one of us.


Trust me: There is such a wealth of information on this webpage!  I go there and could get lost for hours. It’s a magaizine, shares projects, has smart and witty articles, there’s multimedia everywhere, there’s a blog, yummy recipies and the list goes on.  In fact I gotta jet… to get back to the ReadyMade website :)