October 15th, 2011

November Meet-Up 2011

Hi Everyone…

I will send out a mass email to everyone for a November meet-up (2nd Thurs in Nov- the 10th?), and that way we will have enough time to mark the event on our calendars and get our knit on!!
Hej Alle zusammen…
Ich werde ein massen-email raus schicken so dass wir uns im November treffen konnen! Wer hat Lust am zweiten Donnertag … der 10te Nov? Auch wenn ich nicht da sein kann (wegen baby etc… get your Knit On und schau trotzdem vorbei!!!

****Ich sag später wann und wo… I’ll let ya’ll know later when & where…



February 3rd, 2011

Get ready to get your stitch on!

It’s that time of the month again Leute… We’ll be meeting next Thursday on February 10, so let’s all try to make it out. 

Same time: 19:00 - whenever

Same place: Vitus Restaurant

In 2011, I have some new and exciting plans for us. They include themed meet-ups, more projects, and some special guests. For this upcoming Thursday, I have asked Lori, if she wouldn’t mind guiding us through a simple knitting project.  We decided on booties/house shoes. This is a very elementary project so don’t feel intimidated.  If interested, check back in a couple of days to see the list of supplies, and if not then bring your own project!

Keep in mind that Valentine’s Day is approaching, so remember those loved ones, or treat yourself.


Imani a.k.a MrsCheesemäker

P.S. If you’re curious as to how the booties might look then here’s a sneak peak!  And this it is made with felted yarn…